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Monday, March 22, 2010

Knitting again almost...

I finally picked the needles back up, and was making some serious progress this year. Earwarmers, chemocaps, socks. I even completed Traveling Woman for the Ravelympics, & she's blocked and everything.

That's right, I ordered blocking mats, wires, & pins from KnitPicks. I as trying to really put some effort into completing projects.

I have also completely gone off the deep end when it comes to yarn purchases. Traveling Woman was knit from the a gorgeous silk cashmere blend, courtesy of School Products, and the tiny, but way fun NYC LSG anniversary outing.

But its the Wollemeise that has really got me starting to up the stash again. I can't seem to resist the fun of getting in on an update. I've ordered way too much!

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