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Friday, December 31, 2010

Snowpocalypse 2010: Digging Out

So, not the most productive vacation in the world.  Due to Snowpocalypse 2010 the week has been spent to within a 2 block radius.  Here is why:

Kind of hard to leave the house in this, although our block got the sidewalk shoveled Monday morning, the city couldn't figure out how to get snowplows to anywhere but the Mayor's block until Wednesday afternoon (and for those pioneers in Bushwick, er "East Williamsburgh" well maybe that was Thursday evening.  
via newyorkshitt
Monday evening on my block.
When the plows finally arrived here (over 48 hours after the snow had stopped) this is the job they did:

That was Wednesday at around noon.  The cars can get up and down the street, but all the work that neighbors & businesses did in shoveling walkways to the street...gone, plowed over.  Has the city done it's job in dispatching workers to reopen the curbs?  Ha, they are too busy keeping E. 79th street clean.  That photo above was taken on Monday afternoon, you would have thought the snow has simply skipped over the Upper East Side.

Onto the blame game.  Lots of rumors about a work slow down by NY's Strongest.  I have to say, I'm not buying it.  If the previously mentioned Upper East Side looked like the rest of the boroughs I might be convinced.  But I can't imagine Sanitation doing such a bang up job in Manhattan while leaving their own homes & families with un-plowed streets, because let's face it our Sanitation workers are not living in Manhattan.  They and their families are in the outer boroughs suffering without services like the rest of us.

I'll end this with a parting question:
When will we finally see garbage pick up again?