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Friday, November 26, 2010

Tim Tam Love

Last Saturday was a happy, happy mail day here in BK. First, This was in the vestibule when I went to walk Natasha. International Airmail FTW!

Much thanks to Impostinator Anna for the wonder that is Tim Tams in all their original & dark chocolate-y goodness. That's right none one but 2 packages of Tim Tams.

Also, please note the Customs declaration: chocolate biscuits. Tee-hee!


Anna said...

Hahaha, yeah - I'm never quite sure how specific I have to be on those forms, and coming from a country as neurotic about customs as mine is, I usually tend to err on the side of specific!

Glad you liked the bikkies!

Anna said...

Oh, disclaimer: this is not my actual blog account. My real blog is not blank, I swear!

nf said...

I loved the declaration, although not quite as much as the bikkies.