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Monday, December 17, 2007

Bah Humbug

Important breaking news flash...
I am not a Christian. I do not celebrate Christmas. Please stop asking me what I am doing for Christmas. I am doing nothing for Christmas. If you are wondering what I am doing a week from today, feel free to ask. It's a Tuesday. I'm not working. Maybe I'll sleep in, read a book, walk the dogs... Perhaps I'll even get myself some Chinese food.

I think that come spring I'll start asking everyone what they're doing for Pesach. Then I'll fuss over them and invite them to my house to celebrate. Wait, what do you mean you're going to stay can't be alone on Passover!

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Maven said...

Honey bun, you celebrate Christmas like Jesus would, because, afterall, JC was a Jew. As such, I celebrate by going for Chinese food and a movie. XOXO

(Yes, I am reading all your archives:)